Maria Christina Herrera has worked among indigenous, farm-working families in migration in the North of Mexico and throughout the State of California for over forty years. She is an expert in developing cooperatives and leadership training. She adept in group facilitation and has trained women in exploring their own histories to garner the strength to be the pillars of society they are by their natural abilities. Her work allows participants to explore and deconstruct the violence of patriarchy and sexism and nourish the recognition and honoring of women's values.  She has worked with communities of Faith, Labor Unions, family groups across different sectors of society.

Francisco Herrera has forty years experience working with families throughout the state of California, across Mexico and Central America. Performance, song-writing and group facilitation (along with Spanish-English interpretation) have been his principal tools to help communities organize themselves to improve their quality of life. His work can be downloaded at   He has recorded seven musical albums, which include two for children in Spanish and English.